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2017 04 21 Lilas Verdois 150


  • Bought the upgrade to the software I am using for this web site; immediately followed by the hacking of my credit card for the purchase by the fraudulent of foodstuffs from the Manchester area. Easily cancelled the card and bills however.
  • Relaxed Bank Holiday, trying but not succeeding in ignoring all the politics of the UK (Brexit etc), France (Presidential elections) and the US / North Korea / Russia stand-off. Swimming, good food but mainly my partner’s good company saving me from the worst the press and politicians can offer.


IMG_20170407_082957 St Wulfram's Grantham 150

  • Flight back to the Touraine and easing off on the hyper-activity: new lights for the pool and conservatory, some genealogy, more emails to those met on the tour as well other friends who have been a little ignored because of my travels.
  • Met with friend and client from Egypt with two of his children - super day by the Thames; also to Esher for lunch with friend / ex-boss  and to my Club with another friend / ex-supplier / ex-client. It is good to keep in touch!
  • Hire car direct to Grantham and Scarborough to see close family members; back to London to check the house, Spring Cleaning, see friends and new neighbours and finally to have the roof leak and pipe fixed - only 4 months delay!
  • Drove my partner to Vichy for her spa treatment, stayed a while and returned to the Touraine to cut the grass, clean the pool and fly to London.
  • Checking out the bills and financial state and preparing for  my next trip to the UK, video editing and Twinning web site updates.

IMG_0640Queenstown and Remarkables 150

  • A short stop and south to the Touraine for the UK visitors and the final Twinning Ceremonies. Prepared the house and orchard, new camera (from San Fran) at the ready and many events to attend in the village, in Tours and at home. Edited and uploaded Twinning speeches videos to You Tube and managed some tidying up of the world trip photos too.
  • Air NZ flight via Auckland (brief meeting with ex-colleague) and on to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific. The latter found my lost luggage and repaired my partner’s with 31 hrs! Visited commercial districts & markets in Kowloon, the Island and its Peak and back to the airport for the final Cathay flight to Paris. Home & bed.
  • Cardroma Pass to Wanaka, Makarora & Haast and later to Fox, Franz Josef, Harihari, Hokatiki (dangerous swim in rip), Arthur’s Pass to Christchurch.
  • On to Milton, Taieri mouth, Miller’s Flat (amazing fresh fruit), Roxburgh lake, Alexandra, Clyde dam, Cromwell & Arrowtown. Queenstown of course for the Skyline Gondola to see the Remarkables mountain range & Lake Wakatipu.
  • Collected old V6 Datsun (205,000 Km) for a 2-week tour via Ashburton to Geraldine, Fairlie, Lakes Tekapoand Pukaki (magnificent), Oamaru & to Dunedin - a very Scottish experience and a train trip up the Taieri Valley. Otaga Museum and galleries and the peninsula to see the Albatross (Wow!)

20170213_Sydney Harbour 150

  • China Airlines to Christchurch NZ (South Island) for 3-day visit to museums, gardens and New Brighton Beach as well as thenew temporary Cathedral - earthquake devastation very evident.
  • Virgin Aus to Melbourne for a first ever visit - very impressed with the city, the harbour and the youthful upbeat atmosphere. Lovely evening with an old friend and her partner and an excellent meeting with another ex-colleague.
  • Virgin Aus to Adelaide to stay with an old school friend before taking the ferry to Kangaroo Island (the Aus ‘Galapagos’) - excellent visit to many animals, birds & wildlife; swimming too. Adelaide museums and commercial centre as well as my friends family and a Vietnames connection of my partner.
  • Air NZ To Sydney (via AUK) and a super break with the extended family and a visit to Manly to see a retired ex-colleague. Monuments, Blue Mountains and the Rocks of course.
  • Three days tourism including China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard, Coit Tower, commercial and financial areas, galleries and a club - reciprocal to my own in London. Also Castro suburb for rainbow pedestrian crossings and interesting housing.
  • To CDG Airport for Air France flight to San Francisco and then a shuttle to the hotel in the financial district


Eglise St Anne 150

  • Work on the Twinning web site and a failed attempt to get a new camera before departure.
  • Back to Paris, dinner at an old favourite place and returned to the Touraine to a broken down boiler and a freezing house: -10C overnight and 0C inside, eased somewhat by burning wood in the relatively recent fireplace. 
  • Heavy lunch with financial advisor following the conclusion of current arrangements.
  • Dental checkup, collecting presents for Australia visit and a short trip to the south coast to see friends and family.
  • Good meals and discussions as well as the discovery of a leak from the roof.
  • To London to deal with the usual administration, a curtain rail and to welcome a UK ex-colleague and an ex-colleague from Belgium & his partner.
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