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Note: Unlinked sites handed over to client a year or two ago and CHL no longer involved

Nile cruises or Desert tours in Egypt

Walking weekends for women

Villa rental in Sicily and the Peak district

As it says - a cosmetic dentist in Chelsea, London

PTL’s broad planning knowledge and detailed execution



Association for Non Executive Directors

ITNEA - Information and TMT Non-Executives' Association: networking for Non-Executive Directors in Telecommunication, Media and Technology  listed companies. Non-executive director search and advertising service.

Now closed


Mediathan is a Paris-based project management, advice and multimedia organisation producing Internet sites, graphics and multimedia compact disks. CHL works with associates Mediathan to create CDs containing Flash or other complex multimedia presentation CDs.

Hardware/Software Vendors

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CHL Associate Consultants

See individual consultant pages.

Quality Authors

Quality Independent Authors comprised of members of the ISTC who are independent consultants, contractors and freelance writers.
All technical communicators working with CHL are full members of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators, and abide by the latter's Code of Conduct and Professional Practices. CHL’s director is a member of the ISTC and is a registered quality author.


Institute of Scientific & Technical Communicators


Society of Technical Communicators


Compelling e-marketing programmes, including pay-per-click search engine advertising, e-mail communications, electronic newsletters and web site promotion.



Internetworking terms

Cisco Internetworking terms

On-line Dictionary of Computing

Wombat dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Online

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

A web thesaurus and lexicon

Keyword Links

Quask FormArtist Web Forms and Survey Software



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